Coronavirus: Pinterest launches new Today tab which will offer advice from health agencies

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Pinterest saw a record number of users over the weekend as more Americans than ever before hunker down and look for at-home inspiration amidst the advancing coronavirus crisis.

As a result, the microblogging platform sped up the launch of a new feature called Today tab which refreshes daily to show users curated topics and trending posts. The front launched Tuesday, offering advice from experts and health agencies as well as timely posts like home workspaces and study tips for kids.

"To make the new space as relevant and helpful as possible right now and with the fight against misinformation a top priority, they're launching with expert information from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control," Pinterest said in a statement.

The online destination is as much a as it is a tool for social networking. People often use the app for inquiries surrounding vacations, recipes, home decor and various other how-to tasks.

The website is also known for offering pins related to , health and wellness. The new Today tab will be curated by the Pinterest team for now, and in the future, guest editors will be at the helm.

Over the weekend, searches related to homeschooling, and indoor activities for kids were trending over the past few weeks as more people self-quarantined and temporarily shut down.

More people were also looking for content related to working and exercising from home.

In addition to the Today tab, Pinterest added a new "compassionate search" option on the website which prioritizes activities that helps you "relax and feel better" with content from health authorities.

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