Apple Maps alert reminds people to self-isolate after traveling internationally

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Apple Maps is sending alerts to international travelers, reminding them to self-quarantine.

One of the notifications was received by Twitter user Kyle Seth Gray who posted a screenshot of it Thursday. The photo shows an iPhone push notification that came in after he spent time at an airport, the tweet said.

"If you've traveled internationally recently, stay home and watch your for 14 days," the digital notice says. It also includes a link to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

The alerts are likely based on geo-, according to the Apple news platform 9to5mac. And it's consistent with guidance on the iPhone maker's COVID-19 website.

U.S. TODAY reached out to Apple for more information on its travel alerts.

The move is the latest coronavirus-related effort by the Cupertino, California-based company. In April, Apple pushed out Map updates to help customers find nearby health services.

Apple and Google also joined forces to create contact tracing technology that can help people figure out if they've been exposed to the virus. Apple previously publicized restrictions on coronavirus-themed apps to cut down on the spread of misinformation.

The CDC advises Americans to avoid all nonessential international travel in the wake of the pandemic. If you must leave the U.S. temporarily, the health organization says you should stay home for two weeks after you return to monitor your health.

It also says you should practice social distancing and check your temperature two times a day to monitor for fever.

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