It's World Emoji Day: Apple reveals what upcoming characters will look like

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Friday is World Emoji Day (yes, it's actually a thing), and Apple used the annual unofficial holiday to unveil some of the little characters coming to iOS devices later this year.

The icons were approved back in January, but now the iPhone giant is offering a preview of how they will look via Emojipedia, the online dictionary that explains what each character symbolizes.

Apple previewed 13 of the 117 options that will be added this year as part of the "Emoji 13.0" rollout. The newly uncovered Emoji include a Dodo bird, beaver, piñata, boomerang and a tamale. Also shown was a transgender symbol, pinched fingers and a ninja.

The Cupertino, California-based tech company unveiled its upcoming bubble tea character, nesting dolls symbol, a coin, an anatomical heart and a realistic set of lungs.

What's yet to be revealed is Apple's take on a smiling face with a tear, a disguised face, and people hugging. Other upcoming symbols and characters include a realistic-looking set of lungs, bubble tea, a polar bear and a worm. Down the line, you'll also get more gender-inclusive emoji.

There are 62 new characters and 55 new gender and skin tone varieties being added. Usually, the updates are pushed out in the fall, after operating systems, internet platforms and smartphone makers incorporate the figures into keyboards.

So, you'll have to wait a while before you can seamlessly use them.

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