Facebook launches Oculus Quest 2: A lighter, cheaper, better-performing VR headset

Facebook launches Oculus Quest 2: A lighter, cheaper, better-performing VR headset

Facebooked announced plans to release a next-level version of its Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

The social media giant said Wednesday that its Quest 2 will perform better and offer higher resolution graphics compared to its predecessor. The device is designed to be smaller and lighter with a price tag that is $100 cheaper than the original.

Like the first generation Quest, the headset doesn't require that you have a computer or smartphone to play games. It's wireless and all the software and hardware you need is included in the box.

Facebook redesigned the headset. However, from afar, it looks a lot like the original but with a light gray exterior instead of black. The Quest 2 has a slimmer profile and is 10% lighter than the original "so it's more portable and easier to wear," Facebook says.

The social networking site is also offering optional accessories to make the headset more comfortable to wear. And the box includes redesigned Touch controllers, which you use to complete actions in the virtual environment. Facebooks said the controllers are designed to deliver that's up to four times longer than the original.

Performance wise, the refreshed VR headset is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2 processor. It also produces 50% more pixels to enhance the visuals.

Facebook also said it's ditching PC-only hardware to focus more on the Oculus Quest line. In 2021, the company will discontinue sales of its Rift S headset that requires a PC, Facebook said.

Oculus isn't just for gaming. You can use the to get active with titles like FitRX and the wildly popular Beat Saber. National Geographic offers virtual tours of famous landmarks. And Facebook is ushering in new experiences from Star Wars and Jurassic World later this year.

The Quest 2 has a $299 price tag. Pre-orders are open now and shipments start October 13.

More information: www.oculus.com/quest-2/

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