Soccer star Neymar Jr. appearing in 'Fortnite' starting April 27

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Soccer fans will soon have a big reason to check out Fortnite.

Epic Games confirmed star Neymar Jr. will make his debut Tuesday (April 27) in the battle royale . Neymar Jr. would be the first sports star featured within the video game.

Players will get a chance to complete a series of Battle Pass quests to unlock his exclusive outfit and other items.

The game's Creative mode will also feature a hub and island inspired by Neymar's arrival, where players can compete in the Neymar Jr. Cup for a chance to win a custom soccer boot from Puma.

Neymar's appearance in Fortnite was announced early last month as part of Epic Games' reveal of Season 6 content, which includes and an appearance by Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft.

The partnership with Neymar Jr. is among several endeavors by Fortnite to team up with sports leagues. The video game has hosted several events and in-game items from the NFL, and earlier this year, Epic released a Kickoff Set of gear representing 23 soccer clubs from around the world.

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