New Windows 10 taskbar offers personalized news and interest features

New Windows 10 taskbar offers personalized news and interest features
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Microsoft has just announced the new Windows 10 taskbar, personalized to the individual user. This taskbar offers high-quality content based on your news and interests with a single click or tap.

The company hopes to develop this update over the coming months of 2021. They report generating the idea for this feature from the knowledge that most users typically reply on their devices for many purposes, including checking the time, and . As many of these developments change throughout any given day, Microsoft aims to provide users an easy way to stay up to date on many different events at once.

For starters, the taskbar's weather icon will show users the current weather in real time. Furthermore, the snackable icon will display the latest content for news, sports, stocks and traffic. Both of these features enable the user to swiftly access desired content without constantly switching among various apps on their device. Moreover, even if you happen to have little time to read a piece of content such as a news update, the new taskbar allows you to save such content for later and even share the item when the time comes.

In terms of design, users can take advantage of information cards in order to adjust which weather updates are displayed. Depending on how much taskbar space you want to save, you can even set the weather feature to display as an icon only rather than as a text option. In a similar fashion, finance, sports, traffic and weather can also be organized using information cards to ensure you only have to view the content which interests you at a given moment.

That said, if you don't wish to see any of the aforementioned content updates, you can simply turn off the icon for any of them. In fact, you can use the interest manager to set the taskbar to cater to your personal interests. The interest manager works by pulling content only from a content ecosystem that you set upon initial setup of the . For those icons that you have set to active, you can view the latest updates on relevant content by hovering over the icon itself.

While full developments may take a number of months, Microsoft aims to roll out and interests updates within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, development teams will continue to encourage and heed input and feedback from Windows insiders as well as the general public via the Feedback Hub.

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