A bug lets Eufy security camera access strangers' feeds

A bug lets Eufy security camera access strangers' feeds

The owners of Eufy security cameras have announced a critical privacy bug. According to user reports on the Eufy parent company Anker's forums as well as Reddit, Eufy users can now access the camera feeds of strangers, including both account details and footage recordings.

While logging out and back in seems to refresh the system to resolve the issue, this bug presents the possibility that could use the to spy on others.

While Anker confirmed that they have since fixed this privacy bug about one hour after detection, the problem evidently arose across multiple countries. The company reports that the issue arose from a software bug that occurred during a server upgrade, though have yet to further elaborate.

For now, Anker acknowledges its shortcoming and pledges to be more vigilant going forward. Countries impacted by this bug include Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. The Anker customer service team will continue to alert all customers affected by this issue.

Thus far, Eufy Baby Monitors, eufy Smart Locks, eufy Alarm System devices and eufy PetCare products appear unaffected.

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