Sony to begin plastic packaging phase-out next year

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Sony will start phasing out plastic packaging for small electronic gadgets such as smartphones, cameras and audio accessories from next year, a company spokeswoman said Tuesday.

From April, will not be used for some new products weighing one kilogram (2.2 pounds) or less.

The Japanese conglomerate wants to eliminate the material from all containers for newly designed smaller goods by 2025, the spokeswoman told AFP.

"Instead of plastics, we will mainly use paper, and a so-called 'original blend material' made from bamboo, used and squeezed sugarcane fibre," she said.

Sony eventually wants to eliminate plastic packaging for larger products like televisions, but no specific time frame has been decided yet, she said.

Most plastics, including those in packaging and single-use products, do not readily decompose in nature.

The material can break down into polluting microplastics, which have been found in all corners of the world and even in some .

Sony has announced a long-term global plan targeting "zero environmental footprint" throughout the lifecycle of its products and business activities by the year 2050.

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