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Nvidia chief says tech at 'tipping point' as unveils AI products

Nividia, which specialises in chips coveted in the AI boom, recently saw its value surge to nearly $1 trillion last week
Nividia, which specializes in chips coveted in the AI boom, recently saw its value surge to nearly $1 trillion last week.

Nvidia chief Jensen Huang said the world was at "the tipping point of a new computer era" as he unveiled a raft of AI-related products Monday in his first public speech in four years at a Taiwan tech trade show.

The US firm, which specializes in chips coveted in the boom, saw its value surge to nearly $1 trillion last week, after the company's quarterly earnings report blew past expectations.

Nvidia is known for creating long coveted by gamers but which have become engines for the kind of complex processes involved in artificial intelligence, known as accelerated computing.

Its chips are a central ingredient to the generative AI revolution, capable of delivering the computing heft needed to churn out complex content in just seconds from data centers around the world.

In Taipei on Monday, the Taiwanese-American CEO expressed excitement to be back at the Computex forum, one of the largest trade shows for the sector.

"Our first live event in almost four years! I haven't given a public speech in four years—wish me luck!" he said.

Huang's two-hour presentation introduced a dizzying host of new products—including an AI supercomputer platform called DGX GH200, which he said is now "in full production".

"We're so excited that Google Cloud, Meta and Microsoft will be the first companies in the world to have access," he added.

"They will be doing be doing exploratory research on the pioneering front, the boundaries of artificial intelligence, with us."

The new supercomputer will—in theory—help the as it seeks to create more AI-related products, which require more complex computing tasks.

"This is really one of the first major times in history a new computing model has been developed and created," he said, referring to accelerated computing.

"We have now reached the tipping point of a new computing era."

Founded 30 years ago by Huang, Nvidia was initially a star in the video game world. The Silicon Valley-based company has since built its reputation on making graphics processing units (GPUs), which ramp up and vanquish response lag time for gamers.

Its shares soared more than 25 percent Wednesday after an earnings report showed the AI trend is fuelling demand for its sophisticated chips.

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