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Student uses drone imaging for hurricane relief effort in Texas

She tried to hold back tears as she approached her husband and the insurance adjuster taking stock of the few belongings they had left after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Her efforts to contain her emotions failed as the ...


Twitter to block virus 5G conspiracy theory tweets

Twitter is taking down comments inciting "harmful activity," specifically calls to destroy wireless equipment stemming from a conspiracy theory that linked 5G to the coronavirus.


Renault files civil claim against Ghosn

French car giant Renault said Monday it was filing a civil claim for damages against former CEO Carlos Ghosn over alleged financial misconduct.


UK regulator bans Ryanair's 'misleading' green adverts

A British regulator on Wednesday banned advertisements by Ryanair that gave "misleading" claims over the Irish airline's "low" level of carbon emissions—a move welcomed by environmental campaigners.

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