Computer Sciences

Descriptive boost for visual accessibility

There are an estimated 280 million people in the world with debilitating levels of visual impairment. A new tool to empower them with a richer understanding of their surroundings is presented in the International Journal ...

Machine learning & AI

Artists use tech weapons against AI copycats

Artists under siege by artificial intelligence (AI) that studies their work, then replicates their styles, have teamed with university researchers to stymy such copycat activity.

Computer Sciences

Algorithm takes on photographic motion blur

One of the many problems faced by a wide range of photographers in wildlife, sports, celebrity and theatrical photography, and even industrial testing and medical photography is the issue of motion blur. This occurs when ...

Computer Sciences

Researcher develops filter to tackle 'unsafe' AI-generated images

In the past year, AI image generators have experienced unprecedented popularity. With just a few clicks, all kinds of images can be created: even dehumanizing imagery and hate memes can be included. CISPA researcher Yiting ...


Microsoft to offer OpenAI's Dall-E 3 in Bing

Microsoft on Thursday said it would integrate OpenAI's soon to be released Dall-E 3 image creation tool into its Bing search engine, in its latest effort to use artificial intelligence to compete with the almighty Google.

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