Energy & Green Tech

CO2 price as an instrument for a climate-neutral heat sector

Heating with oil and gas in Germany is becoming more expensive, and this was the case even before the Russian war in Ukraine. In the future, heating and cooling systems in buildings should no longer emit CO2, which is why ...

Energy & Green Tech

How Canada's oilsands can help build better roads

The future seems bleak for Canada's oilsands. But given the world's ongoing need for smooth, safe roads, there is hope for the industry. Asphalt binder made from oilsands bitumen is the ideal glue to hold the world's 40 million ...

Energy & Green Tech

Burning woody biomass in power plants could reduce carbon output

According to a new study by researchers in the University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, replacing coal in Georgia's power plants with woody biomass could not only meet Georgia's power needs, ...

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