AP news site hit by apparent denial-of-service attack

The Associated Press news website experienced an outage that appeared to be consistent with a denial-of-service attack, a federal criminal act that involves flooding a site with data in order to overwhelm it and knock it ...


Rise of the cute robots

The red eye that refuses to be extinguished, the metal body that cannot be crushed—for many of us the word "robot" conjures one image: the Terminator.

Energy & Green Tech

Paving the way for electric vehicle adoption

As automobile manufacturers continue their pivot to electric vehicles (EVs), the days of the internal combustible engine are ending—and sooner than you think. In Canada, the sale of new gas-powered vehicles will end in ...


Grasping the future with a robotic arm-hand combo

Reaching into your pocket to retrieve your phone seems like no big deal. For a robot, however, it is. Like many routine gestures that we take for granted, it's actually very complex. Doing so requires large movements from ...

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