X owner Musk says opposed to US ban of competitor TikTok

Elon Musk on Friday came out against banning TikTok in the United States, even if it would mean less competition for his social media platform X, formerly Twitter, as the initiative sees fresh bipartisan momentum in Congress.


Houses made of waste changing lives in South America

Homes made of discarded plastic bottles, construction waste and old tires are being built across Latin America as new technologies help turn municipal waste into sustainable bricks and tiles.


US House okays renewal of controversial surveillance program

The US House of Representatives voted Friday to reauthorize an electronic surveillance program targeting foreigners, a practice officials say is critical to national security but criticized by opponents over concerns for ...


Biden unveils almost $20 bn for Intel to boost US chip production

US President Joe Biden unveiled almost $20 billion in grants and loans Wednesday for Intel's domestic chip-making plants—his administration's biggest investment yet in the sector as he takes on China's chip dominance and ...


US Senate declines to fast-track TikTok bill

A bill that would force the sale of TikTok from its Chinese owners or see it banned in the United States will move cautiously in the US Senate, key lawmakers said, after it sailed through the House.

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