EU squeezes Meta on personal data use for targeting ads

The European Data Protection Board said Wednesday it had adopted a binding decision that will ban Facebook and Instagram owner Meta from using the personal data of users for targeted ads without their explicit consent.


Ericsson and Nokia feel squeeze of interest rates hikes

Interest rate hikes are forcing mobile operators to scale back investment in 5G networks, with equipment manufacturer Ericsson reporting Friday a rare net quarterly loss and Nokia lowering its outlook.


AI can accelerate the development of the 5G network

Developers of the 5G mobile network can now get help from artificial intelligence (AI). A thesis from UmeƄ University shows new machine learning methods that provide faster troubleshooting and better understanding of the ...


Here's the real reason to turn on airplane mode when you fly

We all know the routine by heart: "Please ensure your seats are in the upright position, tray tables stowed, window shades are up, laptops are stored in the overhead bins and electronic devices are set to flight mode."

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