Energy & Green Tech

New, efficient phase change microcapsules for storing solar energy

It is no news that society's dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels has led to the ongoing global energy and climate crisis. The emissions from coal, natural gas, and petroleum-based fuel are major contributors to air pollution ...

Energy & Green Tech

'Bio-batteries' enable us to store solar and wind energy

Up until now it has been a challenge to store the energy we generate when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. But researchers at a laboratory in Trondheim in Norway have succeeded in doing just this—and entirely ...

Hi Tech & Innovation

Low-energy, high-res displays, glazing stem from Oxford research

UK-based Bodle Technologies calls its technology simple—and revolutionary. Their story: ultra-thin structures capable of manipulating light using means, whether electrical, optical or mechanical. "Filter, steer or dim light ...

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