Energy & Green Tech

Developing high-efficiency colored solar panels for buildings

The energy transition in Germany, Europe, and across the world is driving robust demand for solar panels. Alongside high energy yields, aesthetics and acceptance are also increasingly important factors. To accommodate these ...

Energy & Green Tech

X-rays light the way to more stable solar cell materials

Using the bright X-rays of the Advanced Photon Source and a custom-built characterization platform, scientists have traced the ion movements inside perovskites, a potential material for new solar energy harvesting devices.

Energy & Green Tech

UK's iconic King's College Chapel gets controversial solar makeover

High above the historic streets of Cambridge in eastern England, the installation of solar panels atop King's College Chapel, the world-famous university's most recognizable landmark, has stirred excitement—and controversy.

Energy & Green Tech

Iraq inches toward solar-powered future

In a small village in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, solar panels adorn most homes, part of a small but growing effort to harness the sun's energy in Iraq, where electricity is scarce.


What is a virtual power plant? An energy expert explains

After nearly two decades of stagnation, U.S. electricity demand is surging, driven by growing numbers of electric cars, data centers and air conditioners in a warming climate. But traditional power plants that generate electricity ...

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