A mechanism for peer-to-peer energy trading in smart grids

Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading is a decentralized type of transaction that facilitates the exchange of energy from various sources. By promoting distributed P2P power trading, it is possible to balance the supply and demand ...

Computer Sciences

Do humans think computers make fair decisions?

Today, machine learning helps determine the loan we qualify for, the job we get, and even who goes to jail. But when it comes to these potentially life-altering decisions, can computers make a fair call? In a study published ...

Energy & Green Tech

End to nuclear plant ban signed by West Virginia governor

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Tuesday signed a bill eliminating the state's ban on nuclear power plants but cautioned against jumping in to diversify the coal-dependent state's energy offerings.


Using gazes for effective tutoring with social robots

Ph.D. candidate Eunice Njeri Mwangi of the department of Industrial Design has investigated how intuitive gaze-based interactions between robots and humans can help improve the effectiveness of robot tutors. The researcher ...