Computer Sciences

New logarithmic step size for stochastic gradient descent

The step size, often referred to as the learning rate, plays a pivotal role in optimizing the efficiency of the stochastic gradient descent (SGD) algorithm. In recent times, multiple step size strategies have emerged for ...

Energy & Green Tech

Enhancing radiative cooling with aperture mirror structures

In a world where rising temperatures increase the demand for cooling, traditional air conditioning (AC) systems contribute significantly to global energy consumption. They also heat Earth overall: to cool down a certain volume ...


New Binance chief stresses importance of compliance

The new CEO of the world's top crypto platform stressed the importance of regulatory compliance for Binance's future success, months after its former chief executive pleaded guilty to violating US anti-money laundering laws ...


Study tests if AI can help fight cybercrime

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could become a crucial asset to fight the growing global risk of cybercrime, a new study with Charles Darwin University (CDU) has found.

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