Hydrogels pave the way for the future of soft robotics

Researchers in Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering have created an open-source, commercially available fiber extruder to benefit future research with hydrogels and soft robotics.

Energy & Green Tech

Research team undertakes study of perovskite photovoltaic modules

A research team has conducted a review of recent advances in perovskite photovoltaic modules. Perovskite solar cells hold great promise for the next generation of photovoltaic technology. With this promising technology comes ...


3D-printed surfaces inspired by nature

To survive in extreme habitats, many animals and plants have developed brilliant abilities that we otherwise only know from superheroes in movies. In most cases, their abilities are based on the extraordinary properties of ...


3D printer pushes prototyping boundaries

Making the construction of prototypes more efficient, cost-effective, faster and flexible—this will be possible with the world's largest industrial delta 3D printer. The four-meter-high machine was developed by Professor ...

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