Quality control at heart of latest Boeing crisis

Boeing is facing intensifying scrutiny over its quality control practices in the aftermath of a near-catastrophic Alaska Airlines flight three weeks ago when a panel blew out.


EU probes Lufthansa's proposed buy of ITA stake

The EU's powerful antitrust authority opened an in-depth investigation on Tuesday into German airline Lufthansa's proposed stake in Italy's ITA Airways, over fears it could hurt competition.


Faulty machine translations litter the web

Near the end of the last century, Bill Gates saw the prospect of unifying citizens of nearly 200 countries, speaking more than 7,000 languages, coming together in common dialogue through the suddenly burgeoning web community.

Machine learning & AI

AI images of white faces are now 'hyper-real': Study

Images of faces generated by artificial intelligence (AI) can now appear more real than pictures of real people—as long as they are white, a study said on Monday.

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