Energy & Green Tech

Fairly sharing the pains and the gains of energy systems

Our energy systems are characterized by two important injustices. First of all, not all people have the same degree of access to these systems (and their advantages). Secondly, the negative consequences of the systems—particularly ...


Motivation behind energy-efficient upgrades differs by location

With several billion dollars available from the Inflation Reduction Act for upgrades to increase energy efficiency of the home, now is the time for consumers to take advantage of federal government subsidies that will help ...


Examining the energy footprint of architecture built by oil

The six Middle East countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council are located in one of the harshest places on the planet. Temperatures on hot summer days can top 50°C. Access to water in these desert lands is also challenging.


Machine learning in the maritime environment

A study in the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics addresses a longstanding gap in the world of dry bulk shipping terminals, introducing a two-stage methodology that employs unsupervised machine learning ...

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