Evolve Bank & Trust confirms its data was stolen in cyber attack

Evolve Bank & Trust confirmed it was the victim of a cyber attack and that customer data had been posted on the dark web, less than two weeks after the Arkansas-based lender was ordered by regulators to improve its risk management ...


EU accuses Apple of breaking bloc's digital rules

Apple risks billions of euros in fines after the European Union on Monday accused the iPhone maker of violating the bloc's landmark digital rules by hindering competition on its App Store.


Is a train's risk of derailment affected by its length?

Longer freight trains are more likely to derail compared with shorter trains, according to new research published in Risk Analysis. The increased risk held even after accounting for the need for fewer trains if more cars ...


Researchers propose a new method for wind turbine blade recycling

While wind energy is becoming one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world, wind turbine blade waste emerges as a critical issue. Addressing this urgent environmental concern, Lithuanian researchers have developed ...

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