Energy & Green Tech

Norway opens world's biggest floating wind park

Norway inaugurated the world's biggest floating wind park in the North Sea on Wednesday, an emerging technology considered promising for the transition from fossil fuels to green energy.


Vacuuming-up rare metals from the deep sea floor

At the bottom of the ocean lie lumps of valuable metals such as copper, manganese, nickel and cobalt—materials crucial to accelerating the energy transition.


Startup using microorganisms to make 'green' cement

A Colorado company is channeling the industriousness of microorganisms to grow zero-carbon cement in a process that is similar to the way corals build reefs or oysters produce shells.

Energy & Green Tech

Wind turbines can breathe new life into our warming seas

,Offshore wind is set to move further and further from shore, as demand for renewable energy grows and new floating turbine technology makes deep-water expansion possible. However, for the first time, large areas of the UK ...

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