New 'traffic cop' algorithm helps a drone swarm stay on task

How fresh are your data? For drones searching a disaster zone or robots inspecting a building, working with the freshest data is key to locating a survivor or reporting a potential hazard. But when multiple robots simultaneously ...

Machine learning & AI

Q&A: Can we trust AI?

In the field of artificial intelligence, there are winters and there are springs—barren stretches followed by exhilarating bursts of innovation and funding. Right now, we find ourselves definitively in the midst of an AI ...


Amazon's Zoox robotaxis take to California roads

The Amazon subsidiary Zoox on Monday said its self-driving vehicles with no manual controls took to California public roads over the weekend, calling it a major breakthrough for the robotaxi industry.


Self-driving semis focus of California rules, legislation

As California regulators explore new rules to put self-driving semitrucks on the road, labor unions are rushing to the state Legislature to ask for a new law they say will protect their jobs—the start of a debate that could ...

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