Warehouse robots that feel by sight

More than a decade ago, Ted Adelson set out to create tactile sensors for robots that would give them a sense of touch. The result? A handheld imaging system powerful enough to visualize the raised print on a dollar bill. ...


Improving touch screens with AI

ETH Computer scientists have developed a new AI solution that enables touchscreens to sense with eight times higher resolution than current devices. Thanks to AI, their solution can infer much more precisely where fingers ...


Electronic glove gives robots a sense of touch

Stanford engineers have developed an electronic glove containing sensors that could one day give robotic hands the sort of dexterity that humans take for granted.

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Apple patent talk: Ultrasound-based force and touch sensing

(Tech Xplore)—Apple's patent filing addresses an ultrasound-based force and touch sensor, according to AppleInsider. This could lead to a thinner, less obstructive 3-D Touch mechanism, said the report.

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