Meta wants industry-wide labels for AI-made images

Meta on Tuesday said it is working with other tech firms on standards that will let it better detect and label artificial intelligence-generated images shared with its billions of users.


EU's competition czar warns tech giants on new rulebook

The European Union's competition czar Margrethe Vestager on Friday said US tech giants will have to strictly abide by the bloc's new rules on how they do business when they come into force in two months.

Energy & Green Tech

'Lithium Valley': Inside California's 'white gold' rush

The Imperial Valley in southeastern California is emerging as a global hotspot for lithium: A new U.S. Department of Energy report confirms that the Salton Sea holds enough of the rare mineral to power over 375 million electric ...

Machine learning & AI

AI doomsayers blamed in OpenAI's undoing

OpenAI has gone from ruling the world of artificial intelligence with ChatGPT to chaos, its chief executive ousted seemingly for advancing too fast and too far with the risky technology.

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