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Timeout declared for Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch

Pre-iEra, the idea of a Dick Tracy hiding in the corners of a skyscraper, talking to his wrist captured imaginations of children and adults everywhere. Apple did not let us forget. Its Walkie-Talkie app launched last year ...

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Apple Watch may spot heart problem but more research needed

A huge study suggests the Apple Watch can detect a worrisome irregular heartbeat at least sometimes—but experts say more work is needed to tell if using wearable technology to screen for heart problems really helps.

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Apple has designs on blood pressure management system

Counting calories or how many steps you will need to take to work off a wedding feast are not the only features of fitness monitoring. Patients today may be asked to check their blood pressure at home and will be interested ...

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Deep neural network trained to detect early signs of diabetes

Your watch's heartrate data can alert you to signs of diabetes thanks to a diabetes detection algorithm. A study shows heart rate sensors like the Apple Watch, Android Wear, Garmin, or Fitbits can detect early signs of diabetes.

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Patent talk: Apple offers strap solutions for satisfying fit

(Tech Xplore)—Not all wrists were created equal and the smartwatch that satisfies must not only work but feel comfortable. Otherwise, a "wearable" is a word that in and of itself does not fit. Apple thinks it has a solution ...

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Light-harvesting smartwatch shines on Kickstarter

(Tech Xplore)—LunaR is a smartwatch that is now up on Kickstarter and its key feature is a standout for those who would not like to be bothered by battery management. LunaR's team have turned to Kickstarter to get it to ...

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Exercise-coach watch has self-charging battery system

(Tech Xplore)—Self-charging smart watches are undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. They really do mean self-charging; they have come up with a kinetic self sustaining battery system, according to a promotional ...


A watch fights tremors and woman finds ability to write

(Tech Xplore)—A Microsoft researcher is turning head this week with proof that she was able to harness technology to help someone manage Parkinson's, which had left her with hand tremors making it impossible to write.

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