Google's ad tech money-machine sparks EU antitrust charges

Google is set to be hit with a formal antitrust complaint from the European Union that could pave the way for massive fines and strike at the heart of the advertising technology that drives most of the U.S. firm's revenue.


Team develops alloy to boost fusion energy

A newly developed tungsten-based alloy that performs well in extreme environments similar to those in fusion reactor prototypes may help harness fusion energy.

Machine learning & AI

Meta guru says ChatGPT-style AI is out-of-date

The chief scientist for Facebook-owner Meta on Tuesday said that generative AI, the technology behind ChatGPT, was already at a dead end, instead promising new artificial intelligence resembling human rationality.


AI to generate commentary at European Games

Some of the commentary on this month's European Athletics Team Championships will be generated by Artificial Intelligence, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced on Tuesday.

Energy & Green Tech

Educational videos reveal water power's potential on virtual island

Fly over Hydro Heights, where a pumped storage hydropower station stores energy until it is needed on the grid. Dive into Tidal Town, where energy from the ebb and flow of tides drives underwater turbines. Or follow the path ...

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