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Video: Robotic pets—will your dog save your life?

Video: Robotic Pets: Will your dog save your life?
Credit: University of Cincinnati

We've all heard the phrase, "dogs are a human's best friend."

Our bond with canine companions was sparked tens of thousands of years ago, paving the way for the special connection between pets and people in today's world.

Pets keep us active, lower our , provide special friendship—the benefits of caring for pets are abundant. These factors do more than bring joy into our lives, they contribute to healthy aging and longer .

For some people, especially aging populations, taking care of a pet isn't possible. That is where robotic pets come in.

But what if robotic pets could do more than just serve as a companion? What if they could actually enable care that could improve and save lives? That is what Professor Claudia Rebola and her team are researching.

Credit: University of Cincinnati
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