Energy & Green Tech

Proposed method for wind turbine blade recycling

A group of researchers from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and the Lithuanian Energy Institute proposed a method for wind turbine blade recycling. Using pyrolysis, they broke the composite materials into their constituent ...


Business models for carbon dioxide mineralization

The cement industry is responsible for about seven percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. To encourage the decarbonization of this industry, policymakers and the industry must find ways to incentivize reductions. A study ...

Energy & Green Tech

A next-generation aqueous electrolyte

A team of chemists at the University of Maryland has developed a next-generation aqueous electrolyte to reduce reliance on organic lithium-ion batteries. In their paper published in the journal Nature Energy, the group describes ...

Computer Sciences

When it comes to AI, can we ditch the datasets?

Huge amounts of data are needed to train machine-learning models to perform image classification tasks, such as identifying damage in satellite photos following a natural disaster. However, these data are not always easy ...

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