Energy & Green Tech

Using AI to pinpoint hidden sources of clean energy underground

As efforts to transition away from fossil fuels strengthen the hunt for new sources of low-carbon energy, scientists have developed a deep learning model to scan the Earth for surface expressions of subsurface reservoirs ...


Artificial intelligence for digital marketing

A study in the International Journal of Business Information Systems has looked at the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on digital marketing. The researchers provide a pragmatic view of the future of this area of marketing ...

Energy & Green Tech

UK's iconic King's College Chapel gets controversial solar makeover

High above the historic streets of Cambridge in eastern England, the installation of solar panels atop King's College Chapel, the world-famous university's most recognizable landmark, has stirred excitement—and controversy.

Energy & Green Tech

UK's new Hinkley nuclear plant reaches milestone

The UK's planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant reached a major milestone on Friday, with the installation of a steel dome that will cover its first reactor building, operator EDF said.

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