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How awesome is that: A 3D-printed underwater jetpack

What do we know about jetpacks. For one, we can easily think about sci-fi movies where Tony Stark needs to get at villains fast without the cumbersome aid of space vessels, and we see him flying over to crime scenes asap. ...


Forget joysticks—use your torso to pilot drones

Imagine piloting a drone using the movements of your torso only and leaving your head free to look around, much like a bird. EPFL research has just shown that using your torso to pilot flying machines is indeed more immersive—and ...


Robot prototype will let you feel how it's 'feeling'

In 1872, Charles Darwin published his third major work on evolutionary theory, "The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals," which explores the biological aspects of emotional life.


Molecular clock could greatly improve smartphone navigation

MIT researchers have developed the first molecular clock on a chip, which uses the constant, measurable rotation of molecules—when exposed to a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation—to keep time. The chip could ...