US opposes Canada's digital services tax proposal

The United States on Tuesday announced its opposition to Canada's proposed tax on the largest tech firms, warning it "would examine all options" should Ottawa go ahead with the levy.


New robot helps dairy workers make Havarti and Danbo

At Arla's dairy in Taulov, Denmark, apron-clad dairy workers have been joined by a shiny silver and red-eyed colleague—a robot that helps them produce delicious Danish Havarti, Danbo and Maribo cheeses.

Energy & Green Tech

Startup aims to fast-track lithium battery recycling

Billions of dead lithium-ion batteries, including many from electric vehicles, are accumulating because there is no cost-effective process to revive them. Now, Princeton researchers have developed an inexpensive, sustainable ...


Is WhatsApp a 'new age advertising tool'?

Among the more popular social media software is the WhatsApp software, which exists under the Meta company umbrella alongside Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp is generally used on an internet-connected mobile device, such ...

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