Computer Sciences

Whole-message AI communication seen as more useful

As large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 are further developed, they will naturally become better at using available information to generate useful text on virtually any topic—not only by the phrase or sentence, but ...


Montenegro says US, S.Korea seek extradition of crypto fugitive

The United States and South Korea have sought the extradition from Montenegro of fugitive cryptocurrency entrepreneur Do Kwon, the country's minister of justice said Wednesday, just days after he was arrested in the Balkan ...


Researchers develop non-intrusive sensor for pipeline monitoring

Unexpected pipeline failures can lead to leaks that pollute the environment and compromise public safety, thereby underscoring the importance of accurate, real-time pipeline monitoring. Pipelines on naval ships that are a ...


New chip design to provide greatest precision in memory to date

Everyone is talking about the newest AI and the power of neural networks, forgetting that software is limited by the hardware on which it runs. But it is hardware, says USC Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering ...

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