Energy & Green Tech

Insect eyes inspire new solar cell design

Packing tiny solar cells together, like micro-lenses in the compound eye of an insect, could pave the way to a new generation of advanced photovoltaics, say Stanford University scientists.

Computer Sciences

'Learning database' speeds queries from hours to seconds

A tool that makes large databases work smarter, not harder, could unlock the potential of big data to drive medical research, inform business decisions and speed up a slew of other applications that today are mired in a worldwide ...


New soft robots really suck

EPFL scientists have created the first functional robot powered entirely by vacuum: made up of soft building blocks, it moves by having air sucked out of them. The robot can be reconfigured to perform different tasks, like ...


Researchers examine eavesdropping on smart-home traffic metadata

(Tech Xplore)—Uh-oh. Those smart-home devices can reveal personal information about your home activities and encryption does not resolve the risk either. A study indicates that ISPs can infer activities by analyzing Internet ...