Computer Sciences

Why do some neighborhoods improve more than others?

(Tech Xplore)—Researchers have put classical theories of urban change to the test with help from Google Street View and computer vision algorithms. By comparing photos of the same locations from 2007 and 2014, they identified ...


Mechanical third thumb offers extended hand abilities

(Tech Xplore)—Dani Clode, a grad student at the Royal College of Art in London, has created what she calls the "Third Thumb"—a system that adds a mechanical thumb to the opposite side of a natural thumb on a human hand. ...

Hi Tech & Innovation

Event-goers check in with audio data from their phones

(Tech Xplore)—If you hate the hassles associated with long lines at events, technology can make your event arrivals easy going. Something that has to do with audio tones will enable easy passage through the gates and to ...