Computer Sciences

IBM going TrueNorth in system lookout for seizures

(Tech Xplore)—IBM researchers are working on a system that may prevent brain seizures. Cade Metz in Wired had a detailed story on Thursday about a Melbourne, Australia, team exploring how a computing can analyze brain waves ...

Energy & Green Tech

Microorganisms in cow manure used to build rechargeable battery

(Tech Xplore)—For the first time, researchers from Wetsus, the European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology; and Wageningen University, both in The Netherlands, have combined two microbial processes—microbial ...


Startup eyes industrial robotics payoff in random picking

Moving boxes around is tedious but easy for humans; it is not tedious but it may not be at all easy for robots. Advances in using robots on the factory and warehouse floor are in evidence thanks to advanced vision technology ...