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Solving the problems of proton-conducting perovskites for next-generation fuel cells

As a newly developed perovskite with a large amount of intrinsic oxygen vacancies, BaSc0.8W0.2O2.8 achieves high proton conduction at low and intermediate temperatures, report scientists at Tokyo Tech.


Experts find biobased building materials less sustainable than concrete in South Africa

Scientists at the University of Bristol have discovered that mycelium composites, biobased materials made from fungi and agricultural residues, can have a greater environmental impact than conventional fossil fuel–based ...


Researchers develop sustainable strategy to manipulate interfacial heat transfer for eco-friendly cooling applications

Researchers at the School of Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have developed a sustainable and controllable strategy to manipulate interfacial heat transfer, paving the way for improving ...

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Researchers develop new electrode binder material for high-performance sodium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have been at the forefront of energy storage technologies. However, the availability of lithium is limited. Consequently, the growing demand for energy-storage systems has led to the search for low-cost ...

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Ocean-inspired tech could speed up carbon capture from ships

The ocean has a hidden talent, honed over millennia: the ability to capture and store vast quantities of carbon dioxide, a key driver of climate change. However, the ocean's natural carbon capture cycles, which take hundreds ...


California farmers are low on water: Why not help them go solar?

It sounds like a climate solution everyone should be able to support: Let's make it easier and cheaper for farmers with dwindling water supplies to convert their lands from crop production to solar energy generation, if that's ...

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Ineos drives towards hydrogen car future

At a sprawling vehicle test center in the English countryside, a hydrogen-powered Grenadier 4x4 made by Ineos Automotive grips steep and rugged tracks, showcasing its off-road capabilities.

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Safer and stronger: Non-flammable electrolyte extends battery life

Lithium-ion batteries are integral to numerous applications, ranging from everyday electronics to electric vehicles. Despite their widespread use, these batteries pose safety risks due to the flammable liquid electrolytes ...

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Energy transition risks critical mineral shortage: IEA

The sharp drop in prices for minerals critical to the green energy transition is masking a looming shortage due to inadequate investment, the International Energy Agency said Friday.