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Amazon's answer to ChatGPT seen as incomplete Inc.'s cloud customers are clamoring to get their hands on the ChatGPT-style technology the company unveiled six weeks ago. But instead of being allowed to test it, many are being told to sit tight, prompting concerns ...


ChatGPT and other generative AI could foster science denial and misunderstanding—here's how you can be on alert

Until very recently, if you wanted to know more about a controversial scientific topic—stem cell research, the safety of nuclear energy, climate change—you probably did a Google search. Presented with multiple sources, ...


How Ireland became EU's reluctant data privacy enforcer

Five years after the EU introduced a mammoth data privacy law to rein in big tech, Ireland's watchdog is its chief enforcer. Critics say this helps explain why the regulation is failing.


Humans must stay in control of AI, European trade union chief warns

No employee should be "subject to the will of a machine", European trade union chief Esther Lynch has warned, calling for regulation to ensure humans remain in control as artificial intelligence technology advances at breakneck ...

Fake image of a Pentagon explosion briefly goes viral

A fake image of an explosion at the Pentagon briefly went viral and caused a ten-minute long dip on the markets on Monday, stoking further talk that generative AI could cause problems to society.


G7 calls for 'responsible' use of generative AI

The world must urgently assess the impact of generative artificial intelligence, G7 leaders said Saturday, announcing they will launch discussions this year on "responsible" use of the technology.