Cyborg and Bionic Systems

Science Partner Journal Cyborg and Bionic Systems is an online-only Open Access journal published in affiliation with Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and distributed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Like all partners participating in the Science Partner Journal program, Cyborg and Bionic Systems is editorially independent from the Science family of journals and BIT is responsible for all content published in the journal.

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Robot space maintenance based on human arm dynamics

On-orbit assembly has become a crucial aspect of space operations, where the manipulator frequently and directly interacts with objects in a complex assembly process. The traditional manipulator control has limitations in ...


A review of energy supply for biomachine hybrid robots

Bio-machine hybrid robots (BHRs) represent a new generation of micro-aerial vehicles that be controlled by building an interface between biological and artificial systems. In contrast to conventional bionic robots, they are ...