Published monthly by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), JOM is a technical journal devoted to exploring the many aspects of materials science and engineering. JOM reports scholarly work that explores the state-of-the-art processing, fabrication, design, and application of metals, ceramics, plastics, composites, and other materials. In pursuing this goal, JOM strives to balance the interests of the laboratory and the marketplace by reporting academic, industrial, and government-sponsored work from around the world. Written for academic and industrial audiences alike, the journal is distributed to all members of TMS as well as nonmember subscribers; as a result, more than 10,000 individual readers see the journal each monthly. Additionally, the journal reaches more than 3,000 institutions and libraries. The readership consists of scientific, engineering, and management professionals and students from the manufacturing, processing, research, and academic sectors of the international materials community.

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