New Matter turns to crowdfunding for home 3D printing

New Matter turns to crowdfunding for home 3D printing

The New Matter MOD-t 3D printer which began its Indiegogo fundraising campaign on Wednesday is being offered at $299. The price of this eleven-pounder, compatible for home printing budgets, is not the only interesting feature. New Matter is a company with ambitious plans to make this a community-friendly, end to end user experience, including an online store with designs users can buy, customize, print, and share. Also, New Matter said people can sell their designs through New Matter and get paid. Users will be able to upload and sell their creations, setting the price for their objects. The New Matter MOD-t printer was being offered at $199. At the time of this writing, the printer at that price sold out. The MOD-t price is $249. For that price, you receive the printer, a 0.5 kg spool of filament, and access to the New Matter store and software apps. There are extra charges for shipping. Estimated delivery is May next year.

The MOD-t uses a two-axis motion system that simultaneously moves and supports the build plate with few components, comes in black or white, and prints in polylactic acid (PLA). As notable, the company said that "our software is going to do a lot." New Matter said plans include a launch of software that lets users customize designs from its store and share objects with other users. Talking about the marketplace in a promotional video, Steve Schell, cofounder, president and CTO of the company, who worked as an engineer in the robotics industry, said the goal is to deliver "a fantastic end to end ."

The system will include an online store, where designers can upload designs and MOD-t owners can print them. New Matter has what it called "bold plans to make the process of modifying and printing existing 3D designs fast, easy, and intuitive." The design involves a Wi-Fi connection that allows the user to operate the printer directly from the company marketplace website, desktop, or mobile device.

As for power consumption, the maximum power that the MOD-t consumes is 80 Watts, but New Matter said the average power usage will be substantially below that. "In other words, it's about like a laptop computer."

To make all this happen, the company has turned to Indiegogo for funds that will support a number of tasks, such as completing the design and development of software to make the New Matter system complete; beta testing everything with its core community; growing its base of contributing 3D designers to help populate the New Matter marketplace with unique objects; and delivering an initial production run of the printer

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