Doppler radar tech device for baseball measures pitching speed

Doppler radar tech device for baseball measures pitching speed

Scoutee is a sports analytics solution with two parts - hardware and software. The hardware device, which is like a large soap bar in size, connects to a custom app on your smartphone. The user communicates with the device through the app via Bluetooth.

What kind of analysis? You can use it to record your baseball pitching speed and videos, save and analyze pitch parameters and results, and share talent with everybody else. That last bit is central to understanding the goal for this company.

They want to make a difference in how players and coaches track progress and expose talent. As important, they want to enable players and their coaches to make use of an affordable and convenient tool. "You will never have to manually write down speed, type, location or result of the pitch again!" said the Scoutee team.

The Ljubljana, Slovenia team is offering this "smart speed radar" hardware and custom software as a Kickstarter effort.

You can record a video of your pitching technique and measure the speed at the same time. The video with pitch data overlaid is saved to your phone. The creators said there are no complicated settings or buttons. The device is easy to set up and learn how it can be used.

"Today pitching speed is still measured with traditional big and expensive radar guns, using pen and paper or excel sheets - pretty much the same technology that has been around for over 40 years," they said.

The company started in February last year by Miha Uhan, a former member of the Slovenian Baseball National Team.

Scoutee is connected to the phone using Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy (BLE) technology. The group said it is using state-of-the-art Doppler radar technology; they developed smart signal processing algorithms to achieve accuracy and reliability of the measurement.

They said they are almost production-ready and Kickstarter funding could move them forward. They said they are in the design-for-manufacturing phase. Their latest hardware version is tested by our engineering and manufacturing experts on a daily basis.

Doppler radar tech device for baseball measures pitching speed

"To minimize risks," they stated, "we have done all the preliminary sourcing and have already made agreements with several manufacturing companies that will provide plastic enclosures and with distributors to source electronics. Anything from the type of plastic materials for casing to gloss varnish finishing have been already defined. PCBs will be produced and assembled at the certified supplier. Every board will be optically and electrically checked. We already have experiences with manufacturing electronic devices so we believe we minimize the risks to minimum."

As of this writing a pledge of $149 gets a Scoutee, magnet sticker, carabiner, custom screw, USB charging cable, drawstring bag and . Estimated delivery is April.

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