Amaryllo to show iCamPro Deluxe as home watcher

Amaryllo to show iCamPro Deluxe as home watcher

Coming attractions in home security products for 2016 will see a newcomer, the iCamPro Deluxe, described as a 360-degree auto tracking security robot with fit lightbulb base. Its makers, Amsterdam-based Amaryllo, are already known as a consumer electronics company focused on wireless home security products.

Their latest cordless robot is coming to the Las Vegas CES show in January.

Numerous characteristics make this an item of interest. Its form factor is interesting. The device may look like a typical except it has more versatile placement options, as it can plug into existing lightbulb sockets. The camera is designed with a base that allows it to be installed in any standard E26/E27 light bulb socket, said Gizmag.

The company points to the victim of a theft who complained that the existing camera at the time of the break-in could not retrieve a frame of what happened. The thief was careful to avoid the camera's viewing range. The iCamPRO Deluxe robotic camera has embedded tech that will detect faces and automatically track any intruder. The camera was designed to make sure that everything that moves when you are out will not go unseen.

The iCamPro Deluxe keeps the correct viewing angle no matter where you place it; it tracks moving objects. "A common limitation of the current crop of home monitoring cameras is a fixed field of view," said Stanley Goodner in Gizmag.

Tyler Lee in Ubergizmo said it can fit it into any E26/E27 light bulb socket; he added that you can remove some lightbulbs and replace them with the camera.

A mechanized infrared cut filter-automatically changes lens, helping contrast in sunlight and improving infrared vision at night. The iCamPro Deluxe is capable of recording video up to 1080p at 30 fps, said Goodner, with resolution options available to accommodate for lower bandwidths.

You sync your account with iCamPro Deluxe; you access recorded videos through the Amaryllo app. you can go offline with a privacy button on demand.

So what happens when anything is detected? You get a push picture alert message. Example: "Meeting Room Audio detected at 16:15:09, Dec. 18" (Date and time are noted by the team as important for evidence).

Tyler Lee in Ubergizmo said that when it detects any motion, it will orient itself to the target and track it; and will notify users. A built-in alarm can go off too.

"The iCamPro Deluxe can be customized to issue an 82 dB alarm to ward off intruders," said Gizmag. "Through the mobile app or a web browser window, users can remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera for active observation."

The system requirements for App iOS are 7.0 and up and for Android, 4.1 and up. The company said they are certified partners with Apple MFi, Microsoft Windows, Android, WebRTC, Bluetooth SIG and others.

The company has turned to Kickstarter. When will the product be available? They have been working on the tooling to start mass production and they expect to ship in April 2016

They offer an iCamPro Deluxe device at $199 with estimated delivery in April. For that, you get one with one free microSD 8GB and one-year Platinum Plan Amaryllo Cloud.

"After 365 days, you are free to continue the cloud plan at $9.99/month or to use our camera without any subscription."

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