Smartphone 3D printer visits Kickstarter

Smartphone 3D printer visits Kickstarter

A smartphone 3D printer? That idea may take some getting used to. Could it be possible that everyone can start printing 3D objects directly from their phone? OLO 3D in San Francisco has developed the idea to the max.

In fact, OLO would like to think they have re-invented how a can work. They went live on Kickstarter recently. Enthusiasts say it is a game-changing piece of technology, and it is going for under $100, at $99, because, said the team, they want everyone to have one.

No, you do not fill your phone with resin; they are talking about a smartphone-powered 3D . Half the hardware is already in your palm or pocket. The other half, the printer, weighs less than a pound. It is a simple design, made of only seven (two of which are identical), one chip, and one motor.

It uses light from the screen of your phone to harden the liquid resin, layer by layer. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones. It uses light from the screen of your phone, to harden the liquid resin, layer by layer.

The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows. The campaign page said OLO works with smartphones of almost any size or brand.

How OLO works: You pick a design from OLO's library or use 3D scanning to make your own or use designs from the Web. Select the object, pour in the resin and OLO does the rest. You rinse the object under warm water.

The creators said they discovered "a completely new line of materials called Daylight Resins." A special photopolymeric resin is used. OLO has different resins for different jobs. One can print hard or flexible objects. Resins can be used to build translucent models, as well. It even has a resin so you can create an object in silver or gold. The resins are to come in a variety of colors, priced competitively.

They had a goal of $80,000. At the time of this writing, pledges totaled $693,145 with 26 days to go.

Smartphone 3D printer visits Kickstarter

There is a range of prices and reward package details to choose from; delivery dates vary as well.

The very idea of 3D printing from your smartphone does not stun Alec at "It's always a strange moment when you're reminded that the smartphones in our pockets are actually very potent mini computers that are not at all used to their full ability."

The forthcoming OLO replaces projection technology with a smartphone screen, said Alec. "Ever since its unveiling in NYC, the OLO 3D printer has been subjected to a whirlwind of publicity, skepticism and speculation." He said the device "has a build volume of 7.6 x 12.7 x 5 cm, and uses photopolymer technology to create high-quality 3D prints."

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