Mini-projector offers up tablet and wall whiteboard views

Mini-projector offers up tablet and wall whiteboard views

Always a show-stopping concept: something lightweight that turns objects we have in the real world into virtual touchscreens. A Shanghai-based company wants to roll with that concept, in the form of its special mini-projector, the Lazertouch.

The company has turned to an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds. This is a mini projector which can work as a tablet or interactive whiteboard.

Use the surface of your table at home, for example, to play an interactive game with your child; use the wall of your next meeting place to show business partners who far your project has come.

The device has an Android OS. Shanghai Easi Computer Technology Co (Easitech) is the company offering this; it was established in 2002; its specialty is image analysis and lasertouch technologies.

Lazertouch projects an approximately 15-inch screen on a desk or table; you operate on what you see with your finger or stylus. As for a wall display, it can turn a wall into a 150-inch finger-activated touchscreen for presentations.

At home you can use it for movies and games. According to the company release, it is safe for children’s' and adult’s' eyesight.

How it works: The projector emits an invisible laser beam parallel to the projection screen. When a finger or stylus touches the , the sensor detects and interprets the touch to add your comments, double click on an icon, stop or start a movie, or anything else you do with a touchscreen device.

Features include downloadable apps, speakers, 32GB of storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a 13,600mAh rechargeable battery, and ports for HDMI, USB, headphones and Micro SD.

Start a meeting with it or use it for home entertainment-supporting 200-inch HD movies and immersive VR gaming, and projecting musical instruments, such as a drum or piano

The price range varies depending on the package but one such offer was at the time of this writing listed as a super earlybird price of $475 with estimated delivery in July.

The projector comes with an IR e-pen stylus.

The company is looking to raise $30,000 with a month to go and they raised $7382 at the time of this writing.

A release said, "Lazertouch is the only mini projector that allows you to use a finger to quickly perform operations on the screen – no need to worry about a lost stylus. Users can also write smoothly with the included e-pen stylus, helping you deliver a powerful whiteboard interactive presentation with notes and comments. It even includes a pointer for clarification and emphasis – the essential portable device for teachers, speakers, and business executives. When conducting a group meeting, Lazertouch projects an approximately 15-inch screen on a desk or table that can be operated by finger or stylus as you would a tablet. Its versatile operation lets you transition to full screen on an up to 150-inch wall when more people come into the meeting – and it even works with interactive advertising boards."

More information: … touch-mini-projector—2#/

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