AirBar offers easy setup for PC pinching, swiping

AirBar offers easy setup for PC pinching, swiping

Neonode has announced its AirBar sensor, which may prompt people to ask, who needs a touchscreen? AirBar will be inviting users to pinch (with your chopsticks if you are cooking), swipe (wearing gloves is not a problem), zoom, rotate photos, and scroll.

This is a sensor working with your PC. You can unplug it when you want to. The makers are taking pre-orders and pricing is $49. It goes with any PC running Windows 8 or 10 or Chromebook. They said release is scheduled for the first half of 2016.

What happens when you plug it in: an invisible light field is projected over the screen. The reacts to any disturbance. As soon as the bar is attached and plugged into the USB port, the sensor is activated. It starts to emit the invisible light to detect the user's touch and gestures.

No installation is required, said the company; you just attach, with use of the magnetic strip, plug in and done. Promoting its advantages in a company release, "AirBar sensor keeps your high quality matte display glare free and without greasy finger prints," said Remo Behdasht at Neonode.

The company is described as an optical interactive sensing technology company. The technology behind this is Neonode's zForce AIR, said the site; zForce is the brand name for Neonode's product line of optical sensing technologies.

The company said "zForce AIR proximity solutions integrate optics and electronics in a single strip residing on one side of an intended touch area, projecting an interactive 2-dimensional touch plane." As a touch sensor, the single side configuration requires substantially less hardware than competing touch solutions, they stated. "It thereby lowers the bill of materials to an absolute minimum."

The Neonode team will be at the CES in January, showing a 15.6-inch version of AirBar. A SlashGear reader commenting on the story hoped they will come up with a 13-inch version; the 13" inch size screen generally is popular.

Chris Scott Barr in SlashGear had commented on size: "My only concern is that some laptops might not have room to accommodate the bar, should you close the lid with the bar still in place. So you'll want to make sure to take it off before you pack up your laptop."

Actually, according to a company release earlier this month, Neonode is to appear at the CES event to showcase the zForce AIR and zForce PLUS technology. They intend to show a variety of interactions beyond , including air gestures, motion-tracking and the possibility of making any surface interactive.

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