Navdy offers smart way to keep drivers connected and not getting lost along the way

Navdy offers smart way to keep drivers connected and not getting lost along the way

(Tech Xplore)—Staying connected while driving—it's a notion that continues to appeal to drivers looking for directions, eager to hear their favorite songs, and expecting some incoming calls. Distracting info overload is always a danger, but self-managing drivers seem confident they know how to keep it all safe.

Navdy has a heads-up display device that will interest those who want to check their phones while on the road. They will be interested because the device means they do not have to fumble with their phones.

A video published recently said for the first time, drivers can enjoy "seamless integration of their phone into the driving experience."

Roberto Baldwin, Engadget, described the product: "As a refresher, the portable $800 device does more than display your current speed. Via a companion app for iOS and Android, it also has turn-by-turn navigation, music controls and notifications for messages and calls. Basically, it's a see-through version of your smartphone on top of your dash..."

Navdy in other words can combine its display technology with phone apps, maps, calls, messages, and music directly in front of the driver.

The Navdy app wirelessly connects with an Android phone or an iPhone. "Navdy's intuitive gesture control lets you effortlessly interact with simple swipes, so you can say goodbye to fumbling with your phone," said the site.

PhoneArena similarly noted how you get your trip info and directions "right in front of you when driving, as if floating before the windshield, while everyday communication interaction is done in a safer and quicker manner than messing around with your phone while driving."

In the promotional video, one sees how the driver interacts with Navdy, which tells the driver the car is low on gas, ready to route the car to a gas station.

The driver swipes his hand to take an incoming call. Navdy also tells the driver he can reroute to shave off 10 minutes' driving time.

According to Navdy's team:

"When Navdy sits on the dash, its GPS chip and antenna have a clear line of communication with satellites overhead. The advanced sensors, accelerometer and gyrometer all work in tandem to pinpoint your car, destination and route. No coverage? No problem. Navdy will keep you on course with built in offline maps and its own GPS."

Navdy uses Google maps and built in maps. The display is focused at a distance. Your eyes are never off the road, said the presenter in the video.

The site said info available includes such info as speed, MPG, fuel range, directions, and compass.

It is 40 times brighter than a smartphone but dims automatically, day or night.

"Navdy uses full-color projection that's 40 times brighter than your smartphone to display directions and notifications beyond the dash," said the site.

PhoneArena talked about how you operate Navdy: "The interface is gesture-based, so swiping in the air will answer a call or show and read a message, requiring you to take a hand off the wheel only for a brief second."

Meantime, other driving choices are done with a jogwheel strapped to the side of your choice on the wheel. You rotate it with thumb to browse songs, contacts and other options.

Wayne Cunningham, Roadshow, CNET, said this is "a Bluetooth-connected dial that straps to the car's steering wheel. The dial lets the driver scroll through menus, choose contacts for calls and other control functions."

A verbal command provides access to features of Siri and Google Assistant, said the site.

Navdy is priced at $799 or $71 monthly.

Cunningham thought the product looks like a sure win.

"Looking at a production unit, and seeing its HUD projection over a pre-recorded demo drive at Navdy's headquarters in San Francisco, I found myself wishing the Navdy product could be included as a standard feature in cars rather than as aftermarket equipment."

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