Pure Jaguar, pure EV, watch for it in 2018

Pure Jaguar, pure E-V, watch for it in 2018

(Tech Xplore)—Have we got the concept car for you. Say Jaguar and a lot of car fans adoring the Jaguar look already. The special nuance here is that this is a batter powered sport utility vehicle (SUV).

The car makers have taken the wraps off the car in a preview of a vehicle that Jaguar aims to place on sale in two years' time.

Andrew Krok in CNET's Roadshow referred to it as an "electric concept sibling" of the Jaguar F-Pace, which will get real in showoorooms in 2018.

Right now, though, it's an electric concept which is nonetheless to become a production model.

Jaguar's goal is to reveal the production I-Pace late in 2017, said Krok, "likely at the beginning of the auto show circuit. From there, it'll hit dealers in 2018."

Jaguar also said "a future production Jaguar model" will be available from the second half of 2018. What will it look like?

"Since don't need big bulky front ends to accommodate , the whole cabin is pushed forward," said Krok. He noted some of the technical details, saying "electric motors on each axle combine to provide just under 400 horsepower and about 516 pound-feet of torque. 60 mph should arrive in about 4 seconds flat."

Battery? John McCann in TechRadar referred to its 90kWh "liquid-cooled battery located under the floor of the car."

Jim Resnick in Ars Technica had some interesting details to add: the is being designed in-house at Jaguar, he said, and "is integral to the car's body structure. By making the battery pack flat, Jaguar says that it has lowered the I-Pace's propulsion system's center of mass by 120mm (4.7 inches) compared to an engine's center."

Reuters said it has a targeted range of 220 miles on a charge.

Pure Jaguar, pure EV, watch for it in 2018

McCann in TechRadar said, "The good news is that it can be charged from standard home AV and DC power supplies, with the I-Pace regaining 80% of its charge in 90 minutes."

As for screens, the center console has two infotainment touchscreens. Information about the car sits behind the steering wheel. A color head‑up display shows key information on the windshield.

It is no secret that car manufacturers are making serious attempts to finesse roadmaps for a future in electric cars. Regulations are playing a role as to why the keen interest in electric cars. Ignoring the writing on the wall would actually be daft. "Green taxes" could be expensive.

Alan Tovey, industry editor, The Telegraph, talked about the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) attention to the environment. "JLR is also under pressure to cut the CO2 emissions from its cars. EU regulations say by 2020 JLR has to cut by 45pc the emissions that its fleet emits as a whole, compared with the 2007 level.

Failure to do so will result in penalties of €5 per car for the first g/km that exceeds this level, €15 for the second, €25 for the third and €95 for each subsequent g/km."

Regulations aside, how keen are the Jaguar set to have a battery powered car?

Alexandria Sage in Reuters reported Tuesday that "Recent company research indicated one quarter of Jaguar drivers would consider a battery-powered vehicle. There's no doubt the market is shifting," said Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. "There are differing views of how rapidly that shift is happening and to what degree. We want to be prepared."

How much is the I-PACE likely to cost? Price was yet to be revealed at the time of this writing.

"Final pricing will not be confirmed until closer to the launch of the I-PACE. While electric propulsion systems can be twice as expensive as conventional systems, we assume the I-PACE will be priced 10-15% above a similarly powered and equipped Jaguar F-PACE."

Brandon Hill in Hot Hardware said there was a showcase to the press, connecting press people in Los Angeles and London for interacting with presenters during the live unveil.

More information: www.jaguarusa.com/all-models/i … ncept-car/index.html

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